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TMX Intermodal Inc, is now revolutionizing the container industry in the Tri-State area with the first of its kind in NEW JERSEY with a fully versatile mobile self loading crane, known as Sideloaders, Sidelifters, Swinglifters or Self loading trailer, under the brand name HAMMAR™ for the North American market..


We are first company in the area to offer, pick and delivery of Containers.

In 2017 we now can offer the staging, transfer, or stacking of various container sizes ranging from 20 footers to 45 footers. You now no longer have pull city or county permits for a crane to come out and put your equipment container on your flat bed or to relocate it on your job site, that’s now the job of TMX Intermodal Inc.

We also offer on site transfer to move either an empty or loaded containers from one  chassis to another, again no tow trucks, large cranes or cherry pickers required, that’s now the job of TMX Intermodal Inc.

Is your chassis” NOT” road worthy and your customer wants his freight tomorrow, that’s now the job of TMX Intermodal Inc.

we will pick up the container from your site and deliver your container to your customer without any delays.

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