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TMX Intermodal provides fast and accurate container drayage services to and from the New York and New Jersey ports and rails. We are equipped to move just about any type of cargo, and our quality of service is unmatched.


STRATEGIC LOCATION: Our facilities are conveniently located adjacent to the ports in Newark, NJ. This enables us to quickly access cargo from all major ports in the Newark and NYC metro areas.


SAFETY and SECURITY: We offer a gated container yard that is monitored around the clock by qualified security professionals.


COMPANY-OWNED CHASSIS: Our company-owned chassis help to guarantee that we always have access to reliable, best-in-class equipment to move your cargo. We are well-prepared for overweight and oversized cargo, and do not rely on third-parties for container chassis or specialty equipment.

FULLY CERTIFIED: TMX Intermodal is fully certified to transport liquor, hazardous materials, and overweight cargo to and from all NY and NJ ports and rail terminals.


In addition to standard container drayage services, TMX Intermodal specializes in the transport of the following:






TMX Intermodal’s container drayage services are part of our larger portfolio of complementary services, including transloading, warehousing, and flexitank installation, among others.

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